Design Wallpapers for Hair Salons etc. - attraction, trademark and entertainment

Design Wallpapers for Hair Salons etc. - attraction, trademark and entertainment

Be it a hair salon, a beauty lounge, a nail studio or a wellness oasis - they all have one thing in common: Whoever frequents these places does not simply want to enjoy a sense of well-being, but usually also wishes to have a sensual experience. Atmosphere is an important buzzword, and so are Recognition Value and Corporate Identity. With our patterned wallpapers in classic, extravagant, exceptional or unusual designs or materials, which appeal to the senses not just in visual but also in haptic terms, owners of hair salons etc. can create a unique and distinctive ambience that will have people talking.

This guide will explain what needs to be considered in practical terms, but also with regard to safety and building regulations, when choosing wallpaper. In addition, we will provide you with guidelines as to how to utilise wallpapers to emphasise your individual design concept and how to create a specific atmosphere. Last, but by no means least, we highlight the “marketing effect” that well-chosen design wallpapers carry, which comes into effect the moment they are spotted through the shop window, attracting potential customers' attention.

Characteristics which wallpapers for hair salons etc. should provide

Patterned wallpapers, which are meant to constitute a trademark effect for your salon and appeal to your target group, shouldn't just be visually attractive, but also boast certain specifications. For instance:

  • Water resistance/washability
  • Durability
  • Fire Protection

Let's have a closer look at these points:

1. Water resistance & Washability

Hair salons, nail studios or beauty lounges use a variety of chemicals and products which might leave traces and splashes on the walls. Another consideration is whether you work with steam (especially in hair and beauty salons). Wallpapers used in areas prone to damp and dirt should always be water-resistant and washable.

The cleaning properties categories for wallpapers are: water-resistant, wash-resistant, highly wash-resistant and scrub-resistant. In our blog entry Washable Wallpaper - A clean solution, you can find detailed information regarding the various cleaning classifications. In any case, your wallpaper should definitely be water-resistant. The choice of classification (wash-resistant, highly wash-resistant or scrub-resistant) should be based on the type of stains which might be created by splashing. It always depends on the products used in each individual environment.


2. Durability

With today's gorgeous designer wallpapers, their robustness and durability is not immediately apparent. They appear to be soft, delicate, velvety, or boast an elegant metallic gleam, and yet they are almost immune to scratches, bumps and other mechanical impact.

Durability is a question of quality and depends on a variety of factors. The carrier (or basic) material of the wallpaper indicates its durability. For instance, non-woven wallpapers often have a carrier layer made from cellulose and textile fibres which is open to vapour diffusion and thus very durable. If the carrier material is paper, the durability and tear resistance of the wallpaper depends on its type, strength, thickness, weight and composition.

Another important criterion is the surface structure. Due to their protective layer, coated and refined surfaces are water- and dirt-repellent and less susceptible to mechanical effects like friction, pressure, shocks, heat, and damage through sharp objects.

High-quality colour-intensive non-fade printing inks also play a role in sustaining the unimpaired, beautiful appearance of your wallpaper. Colours will not fade or yellow, and the pattern will maintain its splendour. Watch out for these characteristics and/or the symbol “Good light-resistance”. For dark as well as light pattern and motif wallpapers with “sufficient” light-resistance, constant direct light can mean that a renovation becomes necessary as soon as furniture or equipment is changed or moved. This will reveal faded or yellowed areas which usually cannot be hidden by new furniture or by moving equipment.

This is why you should choose high-quality models with the best possible carrier material, surface quality, and light-resistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any related questions regarding our product range. We are more than happy to assist you.

3. Fire Protection

Fire protection is a particularly important topic in public buildings as well as in commercial areas with public or customer traffic, e.g. hair salons, beauty parlours and wellness oases, as well as nail studios. Depending on the local authorities, these might be subject to the German Fire Protection Standard DIN 4102 B1 for construction elements/materials, which wallpapers are considered part of. This requires a “flame-retardant” or “low flammability” certification. A mere reference to characteristics is not sufficient in this case; instead, a valid certificate by the manufacturer in writing must be produced. You can find more detailed information in our blog entry Hotel Wallpapers...

As regional and local authorities often have different stipulations with regards to fire protection standards (depending on type and size of operation/number of employees, as well as the potential dangers of an operation), we cannot give general information as to whether a hair salon or nail studio is subject to those rules. This needs to be individually checked with the local authority.

Besides the fire protection requirements for construction elements, business facilities like hair salons etc. with at least one employee have to adhere to additional fire protection stipulations connected to occupational and operational safety. These are based on laws, regulations and provisions, for instance the working conditions act, industrial safety regulations, workplace ordinance, directives on hazardous substances, as well as the rules and regulations of trade associations or guilds. As an example, evaluation guides for hairdressers may stipulate as part of their fire protection regulations that highly flammable materials and substances must be avoided. In addition, they might state that the number and type of suitable fire-extinguishing devices depends on the fire class and the fire behaviour of the facilities and materials.

This is why we recommend that you gain information about the fire protection requirements for your own business and choose the wallpaper with the correct characteristics accordingly. We are happy to clarify the availability of certificates for flame-resistant/retardant wallpapers from our shop for you.


Highly functional - wallpapers to correct tricky layouts

The new salon is in the ideal neighbourhood, slap-bang in the middle of the city, frequented by a large number of potential customers. Great - but the room is long and narrow, the ceiling is very high, and there are some ledges that might pose a problem when it comes to interior design and furnishing the place. Let design wallpapers do their magic and correct and conceal tricky room layouts with fantastic colours and patterns. Dark rooms with little daylight benefit from lightly coloured wallpapers with delicate, fresh patterns and interesting graphic elements. High ceilings can appear lower if you choose a darker colour for then than for the walls. A dark stripe of wallpaper along the wall increases this effect. Do you have any questions about how to correct or conceal unfavourable layouts, and which wallpapers to use for which issue? We are more than happy to help!

The psychological effects of wallpaper designs in specific areas

As already mentioned, hair salons and similar businesses aren't just any commercial enterprises. To put it in pragmatic terms: people are “being worked on” in these environments. This means that the right mood, ambience, a sense of empathy and well-being are important factors for the customer. The first visual impression of a salon can be a more decisive factor for the client than the quality of the hairstylist's handiwork. If customers don't feel comfortable in a hair salon or nail studio, if they don't like their surroundings, they will project that emotion to the abilities of hairdresser or nail technician. In any case, a majority of clients expect a certain amount of creativity from a hair stylist - and this creative flair is often reflected in the furnishings and interior design of a salon.

Hairdressers' and similar beauty-related businesses are environments frequently associated with relaxing and letting go of the daily grind, but they can also stimulate the imagination. A designer wallpaper can emphasise or even trigger various moods and atmospheres, simply by visual means. Wallpapers with interesting patterns can transport us to other worlds and times, e.g. back to the Roaring Twenties or the free-thinking, wild and crazy 70s. Or how about a spot of time-travel with a space age motive? This type of designer wall décor is always connected to a specific attitude to life, the lifestyle of these eras and style epochs, and they release corresponding emotions and ideas. However, you might prefer wallpapers with patterns and motives which invite the beholder to rest, relax and daydream. Colours, too, have a major impact on moods, and our wallpapers provide you with a multitude of options to create the ambience and atmosphere you desire.


Wallpapers as trademarks and marketing vehicle

Our Interview with hairdresser and wallpaper enthusiast William E. Feliciano from the Munich neighbourhood of Lehel is proof of the fact that wallpapers can become a trademark. His choice of wallpapers, which form a perfect symbiosis with the furniture, equipment and décor of his salon, remain in his clients' memory and arouse the curious interest of passers-by.

The human brain is flooded with an enormous amount of impressions every day, but not many of them are actually remembered in the long term. Those that do stick in our mind do so because they create moments of personal connection - and the same is true for wallpaper designs. A fan of baroque art, for instance, will immediately become aware if he or she sees a baroque-style patterned wallpaper in a sumptuous material composition and the shimmering sheen of this great epoque, especially when it is spotted in a hair salon. They will associate a sensuous emotion of baroque beauty and intricate hair creations with the interior of a salon. Unusual wallpaper designs will stick in beholders' minds and will forever be linked to the location and the positive emotions they experienced when they first saw them.

To “sell” a business idea or a salon concept is an art form in itself, the most important aspect is that (potential) clients are presented with memorable elements which they will always associate with the respective hair salon or beauty oasis. It's very similar to a specific logo or logotype. Using wallpapers as a specific design element often helps to carry the identity of the business; the Corporate Identity to the outside world.

Clients don't just emerge with a beautiful new hairstyle, they will also be enthusiastic about the ambience and tell their friends and acquaintances, thus whetting their appetite! For we all like to explore (and talk about) the extraordinary things in life, and there is no better or cheaper advertising method than the famous word-of-mouth.

So set the stage and put your business into the limelight - with our exceptional, exclusive, funky, sophisticated, extravagant, and intoxicating patterned wallpapers. Remember to strive for a harmonious overall concept of wallpapers, equipment, furniture, and not least your own personal ideas, in order to create a unified picture.

If you are aiming for a salon in a hip lounge style, stay authentic and stick to a specific theme, e.g. a decade. For instance: combine furniture and equipment in the unmistakable style of the 60s, play Beatles songs and offer cool haircuts and "going-out styles" typical for the Swinging Sixties.

The equipment and design of your salon is mainly centred on a basic concept, the desired target group, and what you're offering. A special wallpaper style can also help realise a particular vision of a salon ambience, as our Munich hairdresser friend knows only too well. His clients feel like they've been whisked off to a fairytale forest, and for a few hours, the stresses and strains of everyday life are all but forgotten.