A small room makes it big - design wallpapers for toilets/powder rooms

A small room makes it big - design wallpapers for toilets/powder rooms

Many houses and flats have a family bathroom as well as a separate WC - an extremely convenient arrangement. It allows people not to get in each other's way and not having to queue when “nature calls”. And of course it is also known as the guest toilet, so that visitors don't have to use the family bathroom.

We think that this most modest of all rooms deserves more than cursory attention and is perfectly suited to be beautified with striking patterned wallpapers. There is hardly another room that allows the visitor to linger and contemplate, and let some imaginative wall décor inspire their thoughts. Moreover, many people say that they have their best ideas in the shower or - let's not beat around the bush here - the loo.

The guest toilet, often referred to as “cloakroom”, is one of the few rooms of a house accessible to visitors, and as such it has a major impact on the general picture people take away from visiting somebody's personal abode. Furthermore, its design reflects the owner's creative flair and constitutes something akin to a style fingerprint. If you're using the right wallpaper to create a fresh and comfortable ambience, your home will be remembered by everyone who sets foot in it.


A few architectural facts about the toilet

Washrooms are usually small, often narrow spaces. As a result, the design options are generally limited to functionality, i.e. the toilet bowl, sink, mirror, perhaps a few well-placed accessories and some storage for towels, etc. Some bathrooms are equipped with an additional shower, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

This small space is nevertheless important - so much so that it simply won't do to just plaster the walls, paint them and put some run-off-the-mill woodchip wallpaper up. The toilet provides enormous scope for creativity, as the right wall décor can conjure up a specific ambience which will make every visit to the loo a joyous experience.


Stylish design ideas for the toilet

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to aspects of style. One person might love the opulence of baroque, another may be a fan of urban graffiti art, and the third could be fascinated by Asian studies of harmony like Feng Shui. These are just three of countless examples of design options for individual WCs. Wallpapers are a terrific guideline and base for the harmonious combination of colours, pattern and material with the necessary furnishing elements like washstand, sink, toilet bowl, mirrors, etc.

There are very few limits to your design ideas. For instance, you might choose to complement stunning patterned wallpapers from our shop with tiles, panelling or renders, or you might decide to put up wallpaper on all four walls or just on one feature wall. Old tiles which are beyond their best can also be covered with wallpapers. Find out more about this technique in our blog article How to wallpaper in the bathroom - Wallpapering tiled bathroom walls.


Requirements for wallpapers in toilets

You will probably ask yourself: “Are there any specific requirements for wallpapers in WCs?” The answer depends on individual conditions regarding the room itself. If there is a shower, you should choose a water-resistant wallpaper with a vinyl coating. Alternatively, you could use paper or non-woven varieties, but they'd need to be treated with a protective latex layer to make them resistant to humidity.

Washability is an important aspect in toilets, especially around the toilet bowl and the sink. Again, we'd recommend treating paper or non-woven wallpapers with a protective coating. When choosing your wallpaper, please consider the care symbols in the article description (under Characteristics), e.g. water-resistant, washable, extra washable, scrubbable, extra-scrubbable. You could also use tiling or a backsplash to protect these areas and make them easier to clean.

For wallpapers in washrooms and WCs in commercial or public facilities with visitor traffic, specific regulations regarding fire protection have to be adhered to. They have to be certified as “flame-resistant”. We are of course more than happy to advise you and, if requested, will ask the manufacturer of your favourite wallpaper whether the model comes with the relevant certificate.

Some practical design ideas for your WC

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty: we have selected a few patterned wallpapers from our range which will help you to turn your (toilet) design ideas into reality.

Our wash-resistant non-woven wallpaper Amina, available in a variety of beautiful colours including strawberry red and light grey beige, creates a romantic idyll reminiscent of country houses. Combine this gorgeous wallpaper with a round, oval or rectangular mirror with an ornate antique frame with white patina. A wooden country-house style washstand that picks up colour elements from the wallpaper completes the picture. Golden fittings and accessories add an elegant, luxurious touch to the room.


With its abstract plant motif, inspired by Surrealism and Avant-garde, design wallpaper Anu is simply made for art enthusiasts. Mirrors, washstand and toilet bowls should be kept low-key and straight-forward as the wallpaper is fairly busy. Choose a simple oval mirror without frame and add some stylish touches with 60s-style wall lights or original design treasures from that era. Black bath ceramics provide a sophisticated flair; black or chrome toilet accessories will complement this look.


Our Tinta Lousa Wallpaper provides huge creative freedom. The best ideas, inspiration and brainwaves that quiet contemplation in the toilet might provide can be written directly on the wall and recorded. Alternatively, you might want to create a somewhat different “guest book”. Choose contemporary shapes for washstand and toilet bowl and keep the rest of the room low-key - the wallpaper will speak for itself.


Go for sheer bronze-coloured luxury with our Mandarava effect foil wallpaper. The brownish metal hues are perfectly suited for soft colours, delicate styling, and high-quality fittings, furnishing elements and accessories. A toilet like this will make any visitor feel like royalty.


Our letter-detail wallpaper Urban lends an inspiring graffiti style to your loo which invites the visitor to do some brain callisthenics, for instance by forming words from the letters. Patterned wallpaper Mangalis also provides a platform for playful contemplation.


Exotic joie de vivre and a lot to look at: with its nostalgic postcard motifs, our Prowe wallpaper invites you on a cultural journey around the world. The Caribbean flair created by the bright blue background colour adds to the lively and inspirational character of this wallpaper, which lends itself to letting the thoughts roam freely.


Poppy Orange and a homage to the Space Age era: the striking graphic wallpaper Waris creates a fantastic retro backdrop and triggers good vibes to boot. When it comes to bath ceramics and equipment, futuristic design elements in orange or grey, for instance by star designer Luigi Colani, are ideal “partners in crime”. The more outrageous and unconventional, the better.


Last, but by no means least, we'd like to introduce you to the ultimate “toilet paradise”. Our wallpaper model Toilet Heaven is adorned with beautifully stylised historical toilet bowls. As you can see, the WCs of old were grand affairs, even likened to thrones.


And now have fun with your travels through almost infinite patterned wallpaper landscapes which will doubtlessly provide you with countless other fabulous ideas for unique washroom designs.