10 things that tell you that you need a new wallpaper

10 things that tell you that you need a new wallpaper

They are striped, colourful, geometric, simplistic, decorative, ornamental, glamorous, floral and so much more. But no matter how original and stunning your wallpaper is, even the seemingly most stylish, favourite wall décor will lose its lustre at some point. Just like everything else that was once fashionable, wallpapers also have a kind of "use by date". Even the most beautiful wallpaper will become a bit boring after a while. Zeitgeist and trends are constantly in flux. Humans need change and variety. How long it takes for the need for change to set in, and how strong this need is, depends very much on the type of person: Whilst some people want something fresh and new fairly often, for others it might take a decade until the need for some new décor creeps up on them. Which Wallpaper Type are you?

Type 1 – Trendsetter - Trendhunter

You always want to be one step ahead of the crowd and you already know today what will be en vogue tomorrow. Always up-to-date, interested in the latest trends and developments. You might be working in the creative or consultancy industry – as a designer, interior designer or style consultant. Your professional and private life might be closely linked and difficult to separate. That is why you appreciate a contemporary, distinct style in your work environment as much as you do at home. We are right by your side and can provide you with the latest creations! Why not find inspiration in our shop?

Type 2 – The Adventurer

This group includes owners of a variety of shops, cafés, hair salons or clubs whose business premises are frequented by the public. They are usually very keen to visually communicate their profile and lifestyle - be it in daily public life or during nightly visits to hip party venues. Their motto? Branding is SO yesterday - variation is NOW! Create a talking point by embracing change, rather than sticking to the status quo. Your customers will appreciate it, not least because it will provide them with inspiration for their own life. Dare to try something new, again and again! Across styles and fashions.

Type 3 – The Lover

Vintage wallpaper fans often celebrate their preferred style in all decorative or creative areas of their immediate environment and daily life – in fashion, everyday objects or interior design. The fascination for a specific era, the expression of a particular lifestyle or perhaps just a nostalgic sentiment for times gone by will spur these seekers on to find classic or traditional varieties and patterns rather than following the latest trends. They are often experts in their field and rely on plenty of background knowledge. Conclusion: Not a frequent wallpaper changer, but when it happens, it will be within the same style era. As our name suggests, our comprehensive range includes plenty of choice for fans of the 70s - and beyond!

Type 4 – The Waverer

Yea-sayers who are soon crippled by doubts regarding their choice and can always come up with reasoning for alternatives: "If only I had chosen the other pattern - it would look so much better with the curtains!" It's a bit like always coveting other punters' food in a restaurant. Diagnosis: wrong decision. We've all been there. Our tip: Try before you buy (or rather: get some advice first)! Consult an expert who will either approach the situation via the exclusion principle - throw everything out that isn't needed - or find the perfect choice by targeted analysis. Sometimes others really do know better what suits and works for us than we do. At the end of the day, it is a question of trust. Well, you have found the perfect place! We are professional style consultants!

Type 5 – The Procrastinator

Wallpapering and home improvement projects aren't exactly up there with their favourite things to do. Trends mean nothing to them. Generally speaking, they don't display an awful lot of interest in beautifying and improving their own four walls. Even after everything else has been done, they will find an excuse not to tackle the project. We can help you - with advice regarding the right choice, and even how to hang your wallpapers! Just take your time and let shapes, colours and surfaces take you on an intoxicating journey! The necessary motivation is sure to follow!

But regardless of whether or not you can find yourself in any of the types mentioned above: here is a check-list of signs which imply that you are ready for a new wallpaper.

  1. You don't want to spend any time in a room with a specific wallpaper.
  2. You never switch the light on in said room.
  3. You've moved the TV so you won't have to look at the pattern in the background.
  4. You are putting up increasing amounts of shelves to hide the wallpaper.
  5. You rather spend time at your friends' houses than in your own home.
  6. You suddenly feel the urge to visit your mother-in-law more frequently.
  7. Last time you renovated, your daughter hadn't been born. She has just introduced you to her first boyfriend.
  8. Visitors always comment on your penchant for antique interior design.
  9. Your cat refuses to sharpen her claws on your wallpaper.
  10. You do not care if your children paint all over the walls.

Anyway, spring is here and it is time for a spring clean!
The perfect opportunity to finally tackle your wallpapering project!