Barcelona is home to wallpaper manufacturer Coordonné, famed for being dedicated to exclusive, exquisite wall décor designs and quite clearly entranced by the fantastic art and architecture of this beautiful city. Equipped with over 35 years of experience, Coordonné create gorgeous wall coverings in glorious arrangements paying homage to the history of art and architecture of Barcelona whilst being fresh and innovative at the same time. Coordonnée’s luxury wallpapers do not need frills and thrills; their sheer stylishness equips any room with exceptional impact. Dive into the splendour and elegance of Barcelona and the magnificence of Gaudí’s art.


to Gaudí

Designer wallpapers by Coordonnée are inspired by the magnificent architecture of Barcelona and by Catalan Modernism, the most important and most famous representative of which was Antoni Gaudí. This renowned artist loved to play with rotund shapes, which create movement and thus a knowing and deliberate optical tension. Coordonné strives to make the connection between the splendour of 11th century palaces and Gaudí’s architectural art, incorporating mosaic as well as ceramics, stone or clay, and combining them with eye-catching contrasting colours and textures. The result? Beautiful tactile wallpapers conjuring up a magical atmosphere in your home.


The Beauty
of History

Wallpapers by Coordonné provide movement and flow. Each glance upon this refined and sophisticated wall décor opens a new perspective. They feed the imagination, they amalgamate the familiar with a fresh sense of the illusionary, they make room for individual creativity. Discover the historic beauty of Barcelona, newly interpreted and realised in our fascinating designer wallpapers by Coordonné. Gaudí’s world was one of fantasy, yet he succeeded in transferring it to buildings that remain as magnificent as they always were. Be inspired by his transcending spirit. Coordonné luxury wallpapers enable you to create fascinating ambiences.


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