Customer stories

A pretty Provençal paper

by Vanessa Marraché from Saint Loubes, France

I installed this paper in the lobby of my offices. The result is splendid! The quality of the paper is top notch! Textured and thick

beautiful and decorative

by Maria from MADRID, Spain

It has a good quality, which gives the feeling that it is durable and resistant.

Very happy with the result!

Very good experience

by Bénédicte del Pozo from Paris, France

Very happy with the end result and the shopping experience.

The site is very well designed, the photos give a very good overview of the rendering.

I received the sample very quickly, same for the rollers and the glue. The quality of the wallpaper is perfect, very easy to hang. The rendering is up to my expectations and I intend to order again for my next purchase of wallpaper because the choice is really very complete on the site and I have not suffered from not being able to physically go to a shop.

kitchen wallpaper

by Yolanda Arroyo from Santander, Spain

I bought the paper for the kitchen. It turned out much better than I thought. Very subtle and elegant. High quality. A wallpaperer put it on me and confirmed its quality. Super cute!!! I had to use a roll and a little more, but I will use the rest for another area of the house because it is very discreet and elegant. I recommend it one hundred percent. The pattern fits perfectly with the kitchen design.

Use it for my bedhead area.

by Wee Kiat from Singapore, Singapore

Superb. very happy with the effect and how it turns out. totally match the feel i want to create for the room. was trying to create and oriental feel and this gold with wavy lines matches the circular cove. my study area also uses the ulevan which is very oriental and also matches. the quality of the wallpaper is very good as well, especially the abanico with the textured lines. will definitely recommend to my friends or buy it again if i need to.

Great result!

by L.Vogelmann from Öhringen, Germany
RoomChildren's room

We chose this wallpaper because our son loves vehicles. The older models shown have their charm. The colors are just great. Colorful but not too bright. We have therefore decided on a colored wall. The shades also go very well with wood.

The wallpaper was very easy to attach with normal wallpaper paste.

We can only recommend this wallpaper for little boys. Children's eyes are guaranteed to shine.

Beautiful card, as it once was

by Susanna Branci from Genova, Italy

First, spoiled for choice. How many beautiful motifs, how much imagination. Then, the choice. Three champions arrive from which to make the final decision. And while the card reminds us of those good times that were, the service is current, punctual, super efficient. Once you have made your choice, confirmation via email arrives immediately, perfect tracking, delivery.

Easy, efficient, and gives that beautiful floral touch to the room. Perfect!


by Noemi from Mondavio, Italy

Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!! Great wallpaper, wonderful !!!

Excellent quality and excellent service

by Davide from Dublin, Ireland

It is not the first time that I buy wallpaper from Cartadaparatideglianni70 and I have always had a great time. The paper is of excellent quality, the shipping is quick and there are clear instructions for using the glue.

Then the customer care is of a higher level.

The wallpaper is a light pink, perhaps a lighter shade than the photo on the website and does not clash with the rest of the room

Delighted with the choice


by Alexandra from Velez Rubio, Spain


Gorgeous wallpaper

by C. Gutzwiller from Waldesch, Germany

The non-woven wallpaper is smooth and easy to install.

The optics are completely convincing. The pastel tones are not intrusive, but the wallpaper is still an eye-catcher. The colors are as delicate as the picture on the website. Exactly what I ordered and was looking for. That's very rare. Had to send back wallpaper from a different shipping company because of wrong color representation.

Two friends are already considering ordering the same one.

Youth bedroom wallpaper project

by Arantxa Martínez from El Puerto de Santa María, Spain
RoomChildren's room

Before buying the paper, I requested several paper samples to make sure that the color of the prints corresponded to what was wanted for the project. The samples arrived right away.

Then I placed the order and the paper arrived within the established period and presented with care so that it was not damaged during its transfer.

Its placement was simple, with the exception that there was a small mismatch in the case between different rolls.