Customer stories

It was simply beautiful!

by Cristina Buraca from Sines, Portugal
RoomLiving RoomDining room

Easy to apply and the room is super cozy. Adore.

Gorgeous and easy to apply!

by Simone from Milano, Italy

Easy and practical to apply, the result is fantastic. I ordered the rolls indicated on the site and in a few days I received the package, on time and without any damage. We applied the paper to the bedroom wall and it looks beautiful, and it also has no discrepancies with the print of the flower pattern. I manage several properties and I always use this site to stock up on my favorite wallpapers, super recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply Stunning

by Becky Woodall from Auckland, New Zealand

After finding the perfect wallpaper - I also found the perfect company - in Germany! I was delighted to receive the sample I ordered, and had a wee chuckle at the delightful letter which came with it. I found the wallpaper calculation tool invaluable. The wallpaper was delivered in a timely fashion (even though we live in New Zealand), went up easily and the amount was just right. Everyone who visits comments on our stunning wallpaper. Thank you so much for providing the finishing touch to our kitchen renovation.

product satisfaction

by Maillard from Les Authieux, France

We had a question about the pattern of the wallpaper seen on a small scale, but once installed, we were completely satisfied with the rendering on the walls.

The laying of the paper proved to be without difficulty. I prefer wall sizing to paper sizing. The glue that came with it didn't stain.

It is a positive experience for us and we will use your product again for a next room to be upholstered next year.

A little village on the wall

by Stefanie Deblier from Lommel, Belgium
RoomBedroomChildren's room

My daughter Stella was so excited to see all the details in her new room. This wallpaper is so strong it easy to hang on the wall. Even challenging corner worked perfectly fijne! Beautiful scene and timeless concept. Love it!

Good Quality! Instant happiness :)

by Stefanie Deblier from Lommel, Belgium
RoomBedroomChildren's room

This wallpaper is so incredibly details and beautiful, it gave my daughters room and instant warm, happy en most of all timeless vibe. Even as a non professional this wallpaper was easily hung because it's really strong en top Quality. Love the result. The pattern doesn't just repeat itself but creates a bigger picture with diagonale fruittrees over the wall. Beautiful!!

Always a guarantee

by rebecca from torino, Italy

Buying wallpaper from the 70s is always a guarantee. Whatever the price range, the quality of the paper and the rendering of the installation are of great quality.

We often use these papers in rental houses and they also hold up very well to wear and tear over time.


by Ronco from Paris, France

Easy to install, very pretty colors and patterns, the children loved it. Very original designs, suitable for an adult or child's bedroom This vibrant tropical design has been hand painted in Graham and Brown's studio and enhanced with soft metallic details. Easy and quick installation of "Non-woven" wallpaper (no need for a wallpapering table or prior cutting). “Non-woven” wallpaper, guaranteed to not shrink or expand over time.

New wallpaper, new room

by DELAVAL from ANNAY, France
RoomDining room

Very good quality wallpaper and the patterns are sublime. In addition, it is easy to install, stretches easily and is fast because the rolls are wide.

Its installation followed a water damage, the dining room has regained its former glory. I am delighted. The previous wallpaper already came from your site and had already won me over!!

I highly recommend this site to sublimate a room thanks to their wide choice, there is really something for everyone!

Wallpaper behind hallway mirror

by E. Doppelbauer from Wien, Austria

The area under the stairs was previously unused. To delimit the area and make it inviting, we decided to use wallpaper as a base for a mirror. The structure of the wallpaper is very beautiful and the shimmer makes it look classy. We are very satisfied.

Absolutely outstanding

by Justyna Natarajan from Leipheim, Germany
RoomLiving Room

Wonderful wallpaper. Eye-catcher in every room.

Fast shipping, lovely packaging, good communication with support.

Easy to attach uncomplicated handling. Rolls of wallpaper fit millimeters exactly on top of each other, approx. 50cm waste this can be used excellently for pictures, canvas or wrapping paper.

As a little suggestion; If a wallpaper sample was purchased in advance, use the sample as a credit when ordering the wallpaper.

good quality, nice colors

by HEROUX from 04300 PIERRERUE, France
RoomChildren's room

the pastel green Luna paper is very pleasant to apply; its rendering is very soft. The records are ultimately quite simple; and the paper is of good quality. Its colors are assumed, a mixture of bright colors and shades. This wallpaper was put up in my daughter's room (11 years old). She loves it, it immediately gave a personality to her room; it leaves room for imagination and reverie (a little Alice in Wonderland side with cups and birds :)).