Customer stories

Super nice wallpaper

by Sophie from Tüngeda, Germany

The wallpaper was easy to process and the transitions turned out great.

The wallpaper feels great and the motif is really beautiful.

The details are easy to see and the colors are clear.

We are very happy to have bought the wallpaper.

It fits perfectly in our guest toilet and, together with the tiles and the ceiling color, gives the room that certain something extra.

You feel like you're in a small attic jungle.

The website just made a big mistake when it came to the calculation; we have 1.5 rolls left.

Charm rediscovered

by Taneux Célie from clamart, France

I bought this magnificent wallpaper to restore character to the entrance to our house dating from the 1930s. We wanted to create a warm and authentic atmosphere, in contrast to the modern tiling already in place.

This wallpaper is absolutely stunning! The quality is exceptional. The classic designs perfectly recall the style of the time our house was built. The colors are elegant and bring a lot of charm to this room.

All our guests compliment us on this decorative choice which sets our entrance apart with so much charm.

I highly recommend this wallpaper. The quality is there and it brings an undeniable touch of authenticity to old or retro-style homes. A favorite purchase with which I am extremely satisfied.

Gorgeous wallpaper!

by Jessica F from Tucson, United States

This wallpaper is so lovely and the quality is wonderful. I love that it is water resistant! The design is even more gorgeous in person and it provides a serene touch in a well-lit, sunny room. I used it for an accent wall in my new bathroom and I’m so impressed with how it blends in with the other features and fixtures. I ended up going with a green paint for the other walls in order to bring out the lighter colors in the wallpaper and it looks great.

Delighted and much easier than expected!

by Lou Gibbons from L'Isle Jourdain, France

We loved this wallpaper when we saw it online and are not disappointed now it is on the wall. The cost may seem more expensive than other wallpapers but just one roll allowed us to really make a feature of this part of the bedroom. It's an old house - with wonky walls - but the paper was so easy to put up and the 3D effect strangely seems to have made this one wall look a lot straighter! I'd recommend using this company too. Communication was great and delivery speedy.

Beautiful, serene, spa-like

by Jen Gill from Pewaukee, United States

This is high quality, gorgeous wallpaper. Easy to apply and looks amazing. So glad we found it online (still haven’t put up mirror, but it looks great already). We found this online, quite by accident. It’s so hard to find good looking, high quality wallpaper so we decided to look online. As a child of the 70’s, the name grabbed me and I enjoyed browsing the retro prints. But then we noticed you have much more than retro prints and we found and fell in love with the one you see in the pic!


by Julia D. from Berlin, Germany
RoomLiving Room

I am very satisfied with the non-woven wallpaper "Oasis black": The processing was problem-free, both when cutting, calculating the repeat and applying the paste. “Pushing it into place” after it was attached to the wall was also easy to do. The result is great, with strong colors and expressive decor. One wall of the room was wallpapered to create an accent; Remnants of wallpaper were framed and act as eye-catchers.

Beautiful wallpaper

by Ronja from Hamm Sieg, Germany

I am extremely excited about the wallpaper. It was easy to apply and the pattern has relatively few repeats, so it looks great even on a larger area. The wallpaper makes a high-quality impression, including in terms of feel. The surface is beautifully matt and therefore does not reflect the light. The installation was relatively easy, but we had to pre-paste the wall several times because it had soaked up the paste straight away

Podiatry office in vintage style!! patients love it!

by Le Normand from 67400, France

Vintage-style podiatry office!

Very beautiful papers!

Delivered very quickly in France!

Easy installation!

We nevertheless encountered a problem with systematic adjustment when installing the 3rd strip of each roll (both in blue and gray) which leaves a gap of approximately 6mm at the top or bottom (wall 250cm high).

I also returned an extra roll of wallpaper, the refund was done without delay!

I recommend both the site and the products!

beautiful paper, very elegant

by LECCE from galatina, Italy

Arrived quickly, easy to apply, amazing and beautiful result.

Happy, we loved the quality, the print and everything

by Patricia from Madrid, Spain

The paper was perfectly calculated for the indicated measurements and there was nothing left over from the rolls.

Despite the complexity of the drawings, the manual was very clear and the team was able to place it in a matter of 1 hour, looking impressive, you would never guess that there are 5 strips per wall, it looks like a single piece.

The quality of the paper is unbeatable, it has the perfect thickness.

The tone is the same as in the photos, which is usually difficult to judge or match.

Great. Wallpaper with a big impact.

by Evelyn Rehm from Berlin, Germany

The wallpaper was very easy to process. I wallpapered a chamber including the ceiling and am thrilled. The feel and design impressed me. The room has a great depth and has become an absolute highlight.


by chiara from Roma, Italy

paper placed in the entrance area, as a backdrop to a coat hanger + mirror + wall lamp. In the rest of the house there are more flashy papers so a particular paper was needed but without a strong chromatic character. Black, gold and white accessories were combined. the final result is beautiful, the polka dots with the light of the applique reflect the light in a different way and the wardrobe corner is decorated in an unconventional and delicate way. Very satisfied