Cool Wallpapers for Teenagers - Just as long as it isn't the parents' taste!

Oh yes, we all love to look back at our teenage years! How happy and carefree we were! At least that is what we dreamt of, if only our parents had understood us! "I will never be like that when I am a parent - I'll be much cooler!" Does this sound familiar to you?

But with the passing of years, our own experiences and the inevitable arrival of maturity, we finally came to understand that our parents only meant well and probably were hopelessly overwhelmed with our demands and behaviour. But that, as they say, is life... And then we find ourselves - despite our best intentions - being just as incapable of understanding the folly of youth as our own folks were, shaking our heads in disbelief. Even though we do remember what is most important for teenagers: trying new things, testing one's limits, rebelling against what is perceived as an authoritarian world - and just live to one's own tune; however strange the melody.

This is why a different set of (interior decoration) rules applies to young people's rooms, particularly in terms of their choice of wallpaper. After all, teenagers are creating their own personal environment, often reflecting their current worldview and interests.

When it comes to choosing wallpapers for teen bedrooms, the golden medium for parents is as follows: give your teenagers as much freedom as possible whilst gently nudging them into the right direction by giving friendly hints and tips in terms of colours, types of wallpaper and quality. Make sure they make sense and don't sound patronising!

In this blog, we will explain which types of wallpapers young people today prefer and why there is no "one size fits all" solution in terms of patterns or surface structure. And on top of that, we give you some useful tips on how to complement the general feel-good concept, and how parents can support their teenagers.

The Teenager's Guide to (Wallpaper) Taste: In a world of their own - and there's nothing wrong with that!

In the eyes of their parents, young people between the ages of 13 and 18 often change dramatically from one day to the next, be it their behaviour or their appearance or opinions concerning specific topics. It might just all appear out of nowhere like a huge explosion.

During this exciting time of radical transition, puberty happens and young people go through huge physical changes and are bombarded with new sensations and new role models along the way.

Pop culture, music, fashion and lifestyle are suddenly of enormous importance and how young people dress and design their immediate environments are an expression of what they feel. Nothing is as it was any longer, and everything is in constant flux. A room of one's own is now a refuge for pondering life, for doing homework, for hobbies and other interests - and most importantly: for having friends round and showing off one's very own taste. The times of childish playrooms are over!


Young people know exactly what they want. Even children as young as four years old begin to develop their own clear ideas. It is astonishing how quickly young people make decisions in terms of colours and wallpapers - quite the opposite of adults! And they can be quite persistent...

In terms of trends, the youth of today are always up to date via smartphones, tablets, etc., but trends are just a line of orientation - they need to link in with their own standpoints. One thing is certain: It should be trendy, cool, glamorous, brightly coloured and with strong patterns, with wild combinations or provoking concepts.

There is no such thing as a generic wallpaper for a teenager's room, but according to statistics, patterned and photographic wallpapers or those with unusual surface structures are preferred to simple, one-coloured models. Geometric patterns, romantic-floral patterns, psychedelic Op Art, stripes, and polka dots are all very popular. The same is true for street art and graffiti-look or stone, leather and wood styles, all of which are perfectly suited to create a unique effect. Colours are usually bright and powerful; either in a mix or on their own. Blues, turquoise, purple, orange, yellow, pink, jewel hues, luxurious gold or silver, metallic or even black wallpapers are also popular.

Bright, striking, extreme, fresh, stylish, exclusive: Eye-catching wallpapers for teenagers' rooms

Our shop offers a great variety of wallpaper inspiration for extravagant and unusual wall design ideas for young people's rooms. We have put together a few examples representing the large array of trendy patterns, motifs and surfaces and categorised them in slang terms young people will enjoy:

  • Old Skool: Old Planks & Wood Effect


  • I do it my way: Tinta Lousa Wallpaper


  • Rough on the outside, soft on the inside: Stones & Tamis


  • Weird and Wonderful: Perseus & Zenun


  • Cult: 1960s Marvel Heroes & 1960s Marvel Comic


  • Pure Decadence: Alligator & Big Croco


  • Space Age: Tirion & Merida


  • Colour Explosions: Kaleidoskop & Jama


  • Talk of the Town: Beyla & Frowe


  • Wanderlust and Soul-Searching: Covella & Zoe


  • Total Eclipse of the Heart: Cassiopeia & Nanna


  • Elegantly wasted: Priska & Dusares


  • Totally Crazy: Mendonka & Waris


  • Urban Street Art: Berlin Graffiti & Urban


  • Nerdy yet cool: Lines & Karlo


And now for a few practical tips to create huge impact with little effort:

As promised, we have some wallpaper tips for you which teenagers would most probably think of as terribly banal - but experience (a horrid word for any teen!) proves that they are incredibly useful when it comes to creating a sense of well-being and make the most of the layout of a room. Just try and approach the topic carefully and persuade rather than patronise your youngster. We will leave it up to you how you try and get your point across. And here they are: Our tips as to what to consider when using wallpaper in a teenager's room...

  • Removal of wallpaper: Non-woven wallpapers are robust and they can be pulled off without leaving any trace behind if and when required. Putting them up is also very easy, as the adhesive is applied directly to the wall, rendering soaking times unnecessary.
  • Choose patterns and motifs according to the size of the room - the same applies to colours, of course. Light colours make a room look bigger, dark colours have the opposite effect.
  • Psychological effect of colours: If you aim for a room to be calming, stimulating hues like red, yellow and orange are the wrong choice. Green and blue are calming and relaxing. Purple increases creativity, black very much depends on one's mood: it can have an almost paralysing effect, but it can also release a bout of energy. It might be useful to use patterned, structured or multicoloured wallpapers to designate specific areas in a room.
  • Furniture, accessories and decorative elements should harmonise with the wall décor - or provide an interesting contrast.
  • Don't forget the care characteristics of wallpapers - teenagers tend to retreat to their bedrooms to have meals, they might have friends round or dance wildly in their rooms - and the last thing they will think about is what it might do to their wallpaper. Accidents WILL happen, e.g. when young girls are experimenting with make-up. Water-resistant and wipeable wallpapers are the perfect choice for teenagers' rooms. Non-woven or vinyl wallpapers are particularly suited, but paper-based types are also an option, especially if they have been treated with a transparent latex coating. And finally: When it comes to high-quality or delicate surfaces like effect foil, flock, textile and glass bead wallpapers, make sure your teen knows that these need special care in order to stay beautiful for as long as possible.