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White wallpaper

White Magic

Some say white is not even a colour; others consider it an all-in-one interior design tool for the entire home. We say: White is magnificent; it creates cool, fresh ambiences, true elegance and purist beauty. This is precisely why we love white wallpaper so much – it is incredibly versatile. All-white or mostly white wallpapers create the optical illusion of more space, they are a perfect backdrop for any style of interior design and don’t distract from the essentials. Combined with colourful patterns or three-dimensional structures, they provide a room with interest and soul. Discover the pure white magic of the designer wallpapers in our shop.


Snow White

Remember the fairy tale of beautiful Snow White, where it says: “Soon afterward she had a little daughter that was as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood“? Three colours with enormous expressiveness that can be used to create special dynamics in any room. White wall coverings come in many incarnations: patterned designs or wood or stone effects complement coloured walls and provide a gorgeous contrast to many furnishing styles. Baroque elements, pretty floral motifs, or stunning geometrics – the possibilities are endless. Check out our white range in the online shop and create your very own fairy tale.


Cool Down

Cool, refreshing, reviving, light, neutral, yet visionary – these are just a few attributes of the colour white. The concept that the sum of all the colours of light adds up to white equals nothing less than a genius optical fluke. But this is what makes white so attractive, pure and versatile – it can be combined with any other colour and works with any structure or style: just let your imagination run wild! The various hues and shades of white have a strong effect on the perception, and patterns, surface structures, graphics and materials add to the sheer endless possibilities of white wallpaper. Illusion or vision - our luxury white range has it all.



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