Stone wallpaper

Earthy Purism

Stone onstone, brick on brick – a solid foundation for a comfortable environment; stone represents the indestructible, and even our ancestor used it to build protective shelters. Stone-effect wallpapers reflect natural purism in its most beautiful form. The optical illusions created by imitation wallpapersprovide solutions for all your interior decoration issues: sandstone, natural stone, brick, pebbles, slate. The rough, almost primal character of stone wall coveringsmakes them a fascinating feature on your walls,complementing the clear lines of modern interior design styles.


Hot and Cold

Stone bears a cool beauty, and yet a feature wall of red or orange sandstone wallpaperprovides warmth and a sense of harmony. Colours have a strong influence on the effects of stone wallpapers. Luxurious marble, lavish granite –dark hues give a room elegance and sophistication, especially when combined with white elements. Let your emotions direct you, and design your own fabulous feature walls with stone pattern wall décor. Our stone-look wallpaper: in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. They provide a touch of glamour and industrial design and create the illusion of loft living.


It rocks!

In the beginning, there was rock. To be more precise: caves adorned with stunning paintings, inscriptions carved in stone, antique city walls – stone has always been an integral part of culture, a constantmemento of the history of humankind. What would the great historical sites of this world be without their monuments? Temples, pyramids, the Great Wall of China - masterpieces of eras we know only through history books. Our exquisite stone range pays homage to immortality - lasting witnesses to the permanent, as varied as life itself: Our imitation stone wallpapers and murals are strikingly realistic.



Exposed brickwork is absolutely en vogue right now. Be it...



The matt brick pattern with its tactile relief feels...



Create a striking feature wall with this realistic...



No brick is like the other in this incredibly realistic...


Concrete 03

This imitation concrete created via digital printing...


Concrete 06

This imitation concrete created via digital printing...


Country Brick

Incredibly realistic with a natural effect - authentic...


City Brick

The raw, natural elegance of a white-washed brick wall...


Concrete 07

This imitation concrete created via digital printing...


Concrete 02

This imitation concrete created via digital printing...