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Retro wallpaperis our passion – after all, that’s where it all started. We continue to nurture this passion and are constantly expanding the concept of retro décor. The word alone evokes memories and emotions and reflects an enthusiasm for the art of design and for the most remarkable eras in art history. Every important decade in terms of design is represented in our retro range. Style epochs like Baroque, Art Deco, or Renaissance enjoy a colourful revival with a zeitgeisty twist. Discover true classics with new perspectives and perceptions, alluring charm and fascinating expressiveness in our online wallpaper store.


Retro Mania

Retro is never out, as every past craze will become fashionable again in years to come, when new designersre-discover and reinterpret the style. How about the glamorous Roaring Twenties or the gender-bender chic of the 40s? Then there is Rococo with its lust for lust, or would you prefer a more rustic mediaeval touch? They all have one thing in common: they complement luxurious modern ambiences. We never tire of finding the latest trends and cast our nets wide to discover truly special and unique designs for you: England, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA - ourinternational Designers provide the stuffthat wallpaper dreams are made of.


Time and

Many stylistic influences determine the face of modern art and architecture, contemporary fashion being one of them. Retro wall coverings invite you to see and touch, to dream and indulge your phantasies, to discover new spheres, worlds, perspectives of life. Vibrant colours,exotic motifs, flower power, and a plethora of other variations from exuberant baroque to psychedelic florals - enchanting and bedazzling! Pop-Art, Op-Art, silver shine, gold rush and brocade shimmer. Add to this tactile surfaces, 3D effects and eye-catching patterns, and you’ll find yourself transported to a magical world, all courtesy of the breath-taking retro range in our online Wallpaper shop.



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This non-woven wallpaper with its contemporary retro...



This is a classic and immediately recognisable leaf...



Looking at this beautiful wallpaper closely, we see what...



This pattern demands space, and yet it works even in the...



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