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Red wallpaper


If you are daring enough to choose red wallpaper, you bring a sense of excitement into your home. The colour red in all its hues is homage to passion, a brave signal. Enthusiasm, fire, love, delicious danger – strong terms that are all reflected by this exceedingly versatile colour. Crimson, the colour of kings, provides a majestic air to a room, especially when combined with top-quality materials: sheer sensual luxury. Red wall coverings stimulate and motivate body and soul. We have selected the most beautiful wallpapers in all shades of red, patterned, and in luxury finishes – exclusively for you!


The Fire
of Love

Red symbolises love burning hot and eternal. Red walls seduce and enchant with their wide variety of nuances. Warm reds, juicy and ripe and copied straight from Mother Nature: cherry red, strawberry red, pomegranate red, autumn leave red – any hue of red can be captured in wallpapers in order to create a special atmosphere in your home. Combined with innovative materials and intricate patterns, our Red range will add a certain je ne sais quoi to any room. Red wallpapers are majestic, romantic, dynamic, exciting and eccentric. Be enchanted by the red-hot wallpapers in our fabulous online shop.


Pure Energy

Red doesn’t like to blend in – red dazzles and has swagger, red draws attention, red is simply sexy. Our red wallpapers come in many guises: with or without patterns, glossy or matte, structured or as photo murals which can completely transform a room. Red wallpaper can be used to create additional interest – a feature wall, for instance – but it is also stunning when used across an entire room, complementing just about any type of interior design style. Discover the potential of red wall-coverings and add a bit of joie de vivre and fiery passion to your life - straight from our online shop!



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