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Photo wallpaper

A Perfect

A sailing trip to the Caribbean, a romantic sunset in Bali, a date with Brad Pitt or the glamorous portrait of a famous Hollywood diva –photo wallpapers create the perfect illusion - a room within a room. Our photo murals enable you to bring any place on earth into your home, famous personalities adorn your walls, the beautiful XXL flowers never wither, and even the Bengali tigers are tame as lambs. Our photographic murals are a gateway to the world and into your imagination. Let this unique wall décor charm and inspire you and take you on a journey of discovery.


Real Dreams

The skyline of your favourite metropolis right by your breakfast bar, a tropical rainforest in your bathroom, or a glorious coral reef in the brightest colours in your front room – the possibilities created by our fabulously realistic photo wallpapers are endless. Relaxation is an important part of our physical and mental well-being, and the gorgeously exuberant photo motifs of this range are guaranteed to improve your mood. Enjoy the journey, become one with Mother Nature, and let the walls tell their stories! We proudly present our trend photo wallpapers for globetrotters of the mind.


New Perspectives

Illusions and clever trickery have always been part of interior design, even in ancient days of yore: Trompe-l’œil was one of the stylistic means of perspective painting, enabling the artist to create more space by opening the vista to fantastic landscapes. Our photo wallpapers make it possible to re-define any room and to seemingly change the layout. Illustrations, designs with an element of surprise and photorealistic highlights on high-quality backing materials and in glorious colours will make your heart sing and your imagination run riot. Find your personal favourite in our online wallpaper store.


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