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Patterned wallpaper

There is a
Pattern to it!

What would the world of interior design be without patterned wallpapers? Both ourclassic and modern ranges delight and will never go out of fashion. They come in countless guises: flowers, geometric shapes, figurative and abstract motives, cool, modern designs or more traditional yet opulent baroque motifs, not to forget the incredibly versatile stripe patterns, which can open a room (as well as your eyes) with their vertical or horizontal trickery. We simply cannot get enough of these fabulous trendsetters, and this fact is reflected in many lovingly selected examples in a huge variety of materials and colours in our online shop.


than ever

Patterned wallpapers are totally hip and more striking than ever. There is no limit to the imagination our talented designers have devoted to their breath-taking new ranges for your home or work environment. Interior design becomes an art form, a joy for the senses, and our wall décor invites you to play and experiment with patterns and motifs. The effects of these special wall coverings are manifold: exciting, exhilarating, motivating, calming, stunning, dramatic, captivating and luxurious.Pattern wallpaper is an homage to life itself, and you will find the very latest fascinating examples in our fabulous online store.



Rooms can be completely transformed by the clever application of patterned wallpapers:  walls suddenly begin to tell stories and invite you to take a trip deep into your own imagination. Wall décor with patternscatches the eye and transmits emotions; memories of happy experiences and events are triggered by beautiful and fanciful motifs. Places once visited, the smells of childhood – in the mind’s eye, they bring it all to the fore.A graphic motif with a pulsating pattern creates a unique mood – and that’s why retro wall décor is so popular. Savour this joie de vivre and discover our new collection with fascinating patterns.



This opulent Baroque design is an enrichment for any...



Mysterious and enchanting - the brightly coloured,...



The lush green banana plants exude the inimitable flair...



One would be forgiven if this gorgeous exotic pattern...



Exotic flair for bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms....


Uncountable Dots

Countless little dots in lemon yellow, mint turquoise and...



Flowers of various sizes are clinging to green tendrils,...


VanGogh Blossom

This wallpaper is inspired by Dutch artist Vincent van...


Zag zig

The basic element of zigzag is a tried and tested pattern...


My favorite Animals

Look at all the wild animals co-existing in peaceful...



Beautiful palm fronds are arranged densely on a dark...



The intertwined floral and geometric elements in...



Peacocks symbolise elegance and beauty, and their...