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Design wallpaper


Design wallpapers are an extremely varied bunch and cannot simply be lumped together or defined uniformly. They are always a part of the designers themselves who put a great deal of thought and effort into the creative process and aim to express a specific theme or topic. New geometric or graphic patterns, a melange of various eras and art movements, or a completely free-styling interpretation of emotions and ideas are all reflected in our international Design Wallpapers. Materials, colours, structures, surfaces – the possibilities are endless and extremely exciting. But come and see for yourself!


A Matter
of Taste

Designer wall-coverings satisfy a large array of individual tastes and preferences, and the aim is for beholders to find themselves in them. They can cover anything from fairly outlandish and eccentric designs to baroque or flower powermotifs, geometry or minimalism, quixotic creations on beautifully delicate materials or hyper-realistic photo murals. Design wall décor made from leather, textiles, metal or foil materials with eye-catching contemporary or classic patterns – our designers’ imagination knows no bounds. Let us take you on a breath-taking journey!


Signs of
the Times

Timeless design – is there such a thing? Our designer wallpapers are signs of the times and trendsetters in their own right. Classic patterns and concepts are given a new lease of life; familiar structures are changed and adapted to the here and now – in short: our handpicked group of innovative designers will delight you with their ideas – applied directly to paper- or cellulose-backed wallpapers. They experiment with materials and patterns, creating a dynamic that provides new dimensions in any ambience!Check out our shop and fall in love withthis fantasticcontemporary designer range!


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These animals are little bit crazy - what with wearing...



Clear lines create an orderly structure. The triangles...



This exclusive Versace design wallpaper turns any room of...



Golden lines radiate across this beautifully arranged...



The intertwined floral and geometric elements in...



This opulent Baroque design is an enrichment for any...



Golden lines radiate across this beautifully arranged...



Golden lines radiate across this beautifully arranged...



Loosely arranged palm fronds create a light and airy...



A sea of palm fronds unfolds its energising effects on...



A sea of palm fronds unfolds its energising effects on...



Introduce a new take on Art Deco, inspired by enchanting...



Design wallpaper Persephone opens the door to the exotic...


What does the Fox say

Just what is the secret of foxes? They are famed for...



Golden shimmering floral tendrils glisten as if kissed by...


Design wallpaper

Exclusive designer wallpapers for an atmospheric ambience

Design wallpapers are real eye-catchers with distinct personalities. They are not tied down to a specific pattern, colour combination or material, as you will discover when checking out the huge choice of incredibly varied designs in our Wallpaper Shop.

Wallpaper design is of course always closely linked with the wallpaper designer or manufacturer. The artistic designs are creative, trend-conscious and mirror the individual designer's style. Design wallpaper can impart messages and moods and create a unique and tasteful atmosphere.

Here at Wallpapers from the 70s, we specialise in design wallpaper and designer wallpapers from all over the world. So let us take you on a journey to the infinite expanses of patterned and material wall coverings with their galactic array of design options. We offer a huge selection of designer wallpapers for private as well as commercial premises.

The term “Design Wallpaper”

How can the term design wallpaper be defined? The word design carries many positive associations, for instance: artistic, modern, exceptional interiors, trends, value, exclusivity. Design means that the manufacturer, designer or creative has put a lot of thought into a product or topic and then follows/creates a trend or conveys a specific message with his or her design. Well-known brands or labels in the fashion world are a very good example of this concept. Design imparts an individual style or specific characteristics.

Just like every other product line or industry, wallpapers are also often created by renowned and well-known brands or designers as well as prestigious wallpaper manufacturers or smaller labels. All of those concentrate on a specific theme, production process, exceptional materials or pattern structures, i.e. a USP for their wallpaper design.

The magic word in the world of design wallpapers world is: Discovery. This is why our wallpaper shop introduces you to designers and manufacturers with interesting stories, experiences or innovations connected to their individual wallpaper design.

Selected Wallpaper Designers in our Shop

Design wallpapers create a unique atmosphere in any room. Exquisite materials and colours, combined with stunning patterns and structures, enable you to realise even the most outlandish interior design projects with our fabulous designer wall coverings.

The question is: What identity are you trying to create, which wallpaper designer inspires you with their wall décor? In terms of wallpaper design, we are trend scouts, always looking for the best examples of design wallpaper - exceptional products that you won't find in just any wallpaper shop.

Here's a selection of our well-known wallpaper designers:

  • Lisa Bengtsson

    Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson has a knack of making walls talk and tell stories. Her design wallpapers are characterised by passionate themes and floral romanticism. And they provide the appropriate framework to bring your walls to life. These pattern wallpapers are true statements of individual preferences and create a very personal wall design.
  • Coordonné

    The extravagant design wallpapers by wallpaper manufacture Coordonné (based in Barcelona) are inspired by world-famous architect Antoni Gaudí, whose clever play with shapes and forms continues to fascinate. The unique mosaic wallpapers that are created in this sunny Spanish city combine a mix of history and contemporary influences with strong colour combinations and 3D effects which create a dynamic presence.
  • Dupenny

    The fresh sea air in the British coastal town of Brighton inspires the quirky designers at Dupenny, and this colourful place provides them with an amazingly creative and fun atmosphere to work in. Tongue-in-cheek, funny Fifties design paired with Good Old English traditional themes make for patterned wallpapers with strong motifs, like pin-up girls, sexy housewives, Hawaiian dancers under palm trees or hunky strongmen, to name but a few. Dupenny design wallpapers quite simply lift the mood. The high-quality non-woven wallpapers are made by hand using screen printing techniques.
  • Flavor Paper

    Flavor Paper, an absolute top label from the US, is THE go-to place in Brooklyn for anyone looking for funky, imaginative design wallpapers that really pack a punch. Art is at the centre of everything they do, which is beautifully illustrated in the Pop Art motif wallpapers inspired by Andy Warhol's work. But their gorgeous handmade wallpapers, produced using traditional screen printing techniques, also boast the most stunning interpretation of Flower Power, Baroque and Art Deco styles, and many more. Is it any wonder that their decorative and prestigious design wall coverings with their metallic effects are highly sought after in New York's top locations and venues?
  • Majvillan

    You need to be able to look into a child's heart to create such incredibly vivid children's wallpapers as Swedish wallpaper designer Charlotta Sandberg. Her Majvillan label is a byword for child-oriented designer wall treatments. Her lovely, colourful visual vocabulary with geometric patterns, funny animals, playful floral motives or childlike dream landscapes is like an invitation to discover the world afresh and go on big or small adventures.
  • NLXL

    Artistic design wallpapers characterised by the stunning material structures of wood, stone, concrete, and ceramics offer, by their very nature, amazing versatility, and are the trademark of Dutch manufacture NLXL. These wallpaper designs are created by well-known designers, e.g. Piet Boon and Piet Hein Eek, who all put their individual stamp on each of the themes. The visual and tactile appearance of materials are cleverly used to create exciting structures which are extremely suitable for the Industrial Look and experimental Modern Art styles.
  • Studio Ditte

    The three Dutch designers behind the renowned name Studio Ditte create wallpaper designs which present the things of life with nostalgic charm as well as modern influences. Weathered wood, scrap book motifs, toy cars, buttons, plates - whatever might trigger fond memories is realised in an almost sculptural manner by these very talented ladies. Discover the world of designer wallpapers for your kitchen, children's room, or create very “now” Shabby Chic environments.
  • Vatos

    Wallpaper fashion - glamorous, sensual, in love with materials, bold, with delicate pattern textures and irresistibly elegant metal effects. These are Vatos design wallpapers, described in just one sentence. Heartfelt moments and the glamour of the red carpet are reflected in the luxury wall treatments of this Belgian label. Viva la Diva (male or female)!
  • Versace

    Eccentric Neo-Baroque with Rock'n'Roll undertones, dominated by gold, black, brown, or bronze, with variations in striking royal blue, tropical jungle green or crimson - precious Versace designer wallpapers are in no way inferior to the Haute Couture output of this world-famous luxury label. Their seriously fashionable glamour is backed by cool understatement. High-quality embossed structures reinforce the striking intensity of Versace design wallpapers.

Selecting and ordering designer wallpapers based on their patterns

Even the most enthusiastic fan of wallpapers simply cannot be familiar with every designer or manufacturer - that would indeed be asking a bit too much! That is why, when it comes to choosing your next wall décor, the wallpaper pattern plays a significant role. It should harmonise with our personal taste whilst also being appropriate for the layout of a room - or even enhance it. We have divided our excellent high-quality design wallpapers into a number of pattern categories in order to make it easier for you to make your choice.

  • Baroque Wallpapers
  • Floral Wallpapers
  • Geometric Wallpapers
  • Glamorous
  • I love the 70s
  • Kids' Wallpapers
  • Romantic Wallpapers
  • Striped Wallpapers

Check out our Lookbook with wallpaper trends and suitable suggestions that will inspire you to try new styles or intensify existing ideas. Our gallery with customer pictures from around the world illustrates that the Designer Wallpapers from our expansive range don't just shine in their official product photographs, but also “IRL”, that is to say they enhance our beloved customers' homes.

Our beautiful patterned wallpapers enable you to optically change the layout of a room, make it look bigger, make high ceilings appear lower, emphasise specific areas, or set them apart from the rest of the room. The choice of colour, too, has an influence on corrective optical measures. Light colours expand the space, darker colours make it look smaller. You can find additional information in each of the pattern categories. We're also more than happy to answer your questions regarding the best choice of patterns in relation to your room features.

Ingenious materials for design wallpapers - enjoy them with all your senses!

Designer wallpapers are characterised by sophisticated materials and structures, emphasised by patterns and colours. Each design wallpaper consists of a carrier layer and a decorative top layer.

The carrier layer can be made from non-woven materials or paper. The top layer materials, which ultimately determine the appearance of your design wall treatment, can be categorised as follows:

  • Natural Wallpapers: Surface made of bamboo, grass, cork, leaves
  • Textile Wallpapers: Surface made of natural or synthetic fibres (warp threads/fabric), e.g. cotton, silk, linen, felt, bast, feathers
  • Leather Wallpapers: Surface made of imitation leather or leatherette (vinyl coating), various embossing types or smooth
  • Crush Wallpapers: Surface usually consists of textile fibres which undergo a special process creating regular or irregular folds or creases, tactile relief
  • Flock Wallpapers: Surface made of viscose fibres, fluffy, high-low structure, patterns and motifs stick out from the background as a result of the flocking
  • Glass-bead Wallpapers: Surface made from small glass beads which can be distributed over large areas, form shapes or motifs, create stunning glossy and glittery effects and multi-dimensional structures
  • Metal Wallpapers: Surface made of rolled metal foil treated with colourful glazes or varnishes, oxidation, etching, fine stamping and print patterns
  • Effect Foil Wallpapers: Surface made of thin, specially treated foils, creating 3D, mirror, hologram and rainbow effects when hit by light

As a result of their natural consistency or the lamination of the carrier layer, various different materials create a specific structure (e.g. natural materials, textile materials, glass beads). In leather wallpapers, for instance, this structure is provided by embossing. Effect foil wallpapers are smooth to the touch, whereas metal wallpapers can either be smooth or come with textile pattern structures in order to get the most out of the metallic effect.

Our Designer Wallpaper Shop Services

Design wall coverings aren't bought on the spur of the moment. Many criteria come into play when choosing the right wallpaper. We offer a number of services to help you with your wallpaper purchase:

Comprehensive advice regarding quality, characteristics, design opportunities and practical tips for hanging wallpaper

  • Architect service
  • DIN A4 reference prints
  • Pattern samples to order
  • Wallpaper calculator to determine the required number of wallpaper rolls
  • Detailed wallpapering instructions
  • Wallpaper Blog for inspiration, information, interior design tips
  • Customer Photograph Gallery
  • Wallpaper trends and innovations
  • Express delivery
  • Various payment options