General Information

Company organising the competition: Tapeten der 70er, Naitschau 42, 07957 Langenwetzendorf, Germany (hereafter also referred to as "Wallpaper from the 70s").

Participation is free and only for customers of "Wallpaper from the 70s". By entering the competition, participants accept these terms and conditions.

Time Frame

Das GewinnThe competition always starts at the beginning of a quarter (e.g. 01/01; 01/04; 01/07; 01/10) and ends three months later at the end of the quarter (e.g. 31/03; 30/06; 30/09; 31/12). Submissions are possible until 11.59 pm of the last day of the quarter (for instance, the competition time frame for the third quarter will end on 30/09 at 11.59 pm). A new time frame for the competition begins with the subsequent quarter. Photographs of the same wallpaper models may not be submitted in multiple quarters (by the same customer).

Participation Conditions

The competition is open to everyone over the age of 18. Participants can submit one picture or video per wallpaper model. For example, if you have ordered 5 different wallpaper designs from us, you can submit up to 5 pictures/videos (one for each design), thus increasing your chances of winning. The wallpapers must have been bought from us within the preceding 12 months.

How to participate

Participation is via the publication of a photo or video on the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube with the hashtag #wallpaperfromthe70s. For Facebook, participants need to make sure they submit their entry via the fanpage „ Wallpaper from the 70s“. Posts which are published on participants' timelines or as a comment cannot be considered due to technical reasons. You can also send us your pictures via email (picture@wallpaperfromthe70s.com) and we will put them online for you.

What to consider when uploading a submission?

By transmitting or publishing (uploading) a submission, the participant declares that the owner of the photograph or video submission agrees with the publication of the photo according to these terms of use, and that the participant as well as all persons depicted in the image/video, insofar as these persons are not merely incidental to the subject of the picture pursuant to § 23 of the Art Copyright Act, have agreed to publication in accordance with the terms of use pursuant to § 22 of the Art Copyright Act. Furthermore, the participant confirms that the rights of third parties were not infringed when creating the image(s). The participant is liable to "Wallpapers from the 70s" and indemnifies them against all claims of third parties. Only posts that are published on the website www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/Lookbook/Customer-pictures/ will be considered. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure their posts are visible by checking their own channel settings.

Furthermore, participants commit to not publishing content that violates legal conditions, the rights of third parties or common decency. We reserve the right to delete postings if the situation demands it. This is particularly true for postings containing any of the following:

  • derogatory, defamatory, insulting, abusive, radical, sexist, homophobic, immoral, indecent, obscene, extremely right-wing or racist comments or those that are glorifying violence or are liable to corrupt the young
  • personal attacks
  • spam, advertising
  • trademark or copyright infringements or other illegal content.

We also reserve the right to ban users who do not adhere to these rules.

In addition, all comments which violate Facebook polices and rules, our Netiquette, German laws and/or Copyright regulations, will immediately be removed without notice. Participants will be excluded from the competition.

By submitting an entry, participants agree that their images/videos can be saved, copied, duplicated, published and made accessible to the public by "Wallpaper from the 70s" without any limitations in terms of place, time and content and that no reimbursement will take place. Participants agree that their entries will continue to be visible after the current period of the competition on www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/Lookbook/Customer-pictures/ "Wallpaper from the 70s" is not obliged to publish the submitted entries.

What to consider when sending photographs via email

If you do not upload your photograph(s), but email them to us via (picture@wallpaperfromthe70s.com) instead, all agreements stipulated under paragraph 5 relating to your permission to the continuous use of your photographs by our company apply. We will upload your images to the Pinterest account of "Wallpaper from the 70s" and promote them on other social media channels like Facebook if appropriate. This way, your entries will appear in our customer picture gallery and you will take part in the competition.

The tool walls.io

To add entries from above-mentioned networks to our website www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/Lookbook/Customer-pictures/ we use the software walls.io. walls.io - Data Protection Regulations: https://walls.io/privacy
walls.io - General Terms and Conditions: https://walls.io/terms

Choosing and announcing winners

The winner will be determined by a random draw after the competition ends. 

On the 5th calendar day of the following quarter (e.g. 05/04/; 05/07/; 05/10/; 05/01), the winner will be announced on Facebook via the fanpage „Wallpaper from the 70s“ under his profile name. The winner will have to contact us within 7 days via a comment or Private Message on the Facebook fanpage „Wallpaper from the 70s“ or email us socialmedia@wallpaperfromthe70s.com If a winner fails to contact us during this period, the win is declared void and a new winner is drawn from the lot.

What is the winner entitled to?

The winner will be reimbursed for the entire purchasing price of the order that contained the wallpaper featured in the winning picture/video. So if you have ordered 5 different wallpaper models in one go, and an image related to this order wins, you will receive the purchase price of all 5 wallpapers back, including P&P. The maximum value of the refund is € 1,000.

Receiving your prize

The purchase price will be refunded through the same payment method that you used when ordering products from our online shop.

Declaration of consent

Each participant agrees that for the purposes of this competition and the eventuality of winning, personal data necessary for the competition (e.g. legal age, full name, phone number, postal address) may be stored electronically and used for the sole purpose of the competition and in compliance with the data protection regulations of "Wallpaper from the 70s". By taking part in the competition, participants warrant that all information supplied by them is true. The winner agrees that his/her profile name will be published on the Facebook fanpage „Wallpaper from the 70s“.

Data protection

For this competition, the data protection regulations of "Wallpaper from the 70s" apply; you can find them here: http://www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/datenschutz. walls.io, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have their own regulations and data protection rules and users of "Wallpaper from the 70s" are subject to them. We would like to point out that these service providers might receive rights to videos and that they might store data outside Germany or the EU. Please refer to the individual data protection regulations of these service providers on their websites. By submitting or uploading your entry, you accept the service providers' respective data protection regulations and terms of use.

Additional Stipulations

"Wallpaper from the 70s" reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time or to change the rules in the future. This particularly applies in the event of force majeure or if the competition cannot be executed or continued for other organisational, technical or legal reasons.

"Wallpaper from the 70s" does not accept any responsibility for misrepresentations within the framework of the competition, except if "Wallpaper from the 70s" or an agent of "Wallpaper from the 70s" acts wilfully or grossly negligent. German law applies exclusively. There is no right to appeal.

"Wallpaper from the 70s" hereby declares that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will not be responsible for any claims by competition participants. The competition is in no way related to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, and it is not sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.