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Romantic wallpapers invoke dreams and awaken memories. They appeal to deep emotional levels, creating an extremely personal approach to beautifying your home. Our take on romance comes in many guises, and the extravagant patterns and enticing colours of our wallpapers reflect sophisticated sensuality. Floral wall coverings are timeless classics – they trigger deep romantic feelings and trigger a sense of security and wellbeing. Nonetheless, there is a place for innovative romantic wallpapers, too. Discover a new approach to the concept of romance in modern wallpaper design: Tender and playful, nostalgic, and sweet yet refined.


Tender is
the Night

Every human being is au fait with the yearning for romance - some of us more, some of us less. But our romantic wall coverings will seduce anyone, creating as they do an elegant ambience, allowing your senses to go on a journey of discovery and enabling your body and mind to leave the stresses and strains of the day behind. Romance and being love go hand in hand: being in love with life, with another person, or simply with today. Our Romantic Wallpapers for bedrooms, living spaces, bathrooms, or kids’ rooms fill your life with poetry and a sense of the exceptional, the unusual. Let us take you to a place where your emotions can roam free!



Beautiful sunsets by the seaside, lush green fields sprinkled with daisies, an evening by candle-light - Romantic Wallpapers reflect so many images in our minds. Their patterns and colours fill a room with a sensual atmosphere and create oases of wellbeing, of peace and quiet, of total relaxation and instant inspiration. Our cutting-edge trend factory provides you with all manner of luxurious floral and Baroque wallpapers, distinctive graphic patterns or enticing glamorous designs. Discover our premium-quality materials which create an immediate sense of class and style. Indulge in a new way of life. Expect the unexpected!



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