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As George Bernard Shaw said: “Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.” The same is true for Children’s Wallpaper. Kids know exactly what they want and should have a say in the choice of wallpaper for their rooms. Our Kids’ wall covers are geared towards children’s needs and depict their world in all its facets. Our patterned and motif wallpapers provide a backdrop on which to explore imagination and reality. Playful learning, daydreaming and relaxing – it all fosters and supports a child’s abilities and senses.


Fun & Games
and Education

These are the 3 most important elements for a child’s development. The world provides new experiences every day. The nursery or kids’ room is safe haven as well as playground, and adding the right wall cover can make it an oasis of dreams and wellbeing, where the events of the day can be processed. Choosing the “appropriate” wallpaper from our lovingly designed assortment boosts the joy of playing and learning and helps create areas of creativity, dream landscapes and adventure playgrounds. Our designer wall coverings in traditional or innovative patterns, motifs and colours will delight any boy or girl.


and a Journey
of Discovery

Children are inspired by the motifs and colours of their wall décor. Emulating their role models is an important element of growing (and growing up), and consequently, the most popular patterns for kids’ wallpapers are flowers, animals, fairy tale, fantasy and comic characters, movie and TV heroes, technology, vehicles, and sports. Contemporary and imaginative, our unique Children’s Wallpapers are manufactured using high-quality, non-toxic materials and enable you to create a safe personal space for your child which facilitates their development.



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