Geometric wallpaper

Optical Art

Geometric wallpapers are characterised by abstract forms, shapes and bodies, and distinct colourings which provide movement. The origins of this type of wall cover can be found in Op Art (i.e. optical art) which was prevalent in the 1960s. The most famous representative of these patterns, which create optical illusions and trick the eye, is Victor Vasarely. His motif “Tri Vega” was the blueprint for the most popular retro wallpapers. Your walls will take centre stage with the breath-taking Geometric Design wall coverings in our new collection. Surreal, bizarre, fantastic.


The Power
of Illusion

Geometric Wallpaper utilises the light – patterns change according to the beholder’s point of view and take on a new life. Colours and shapes merge, creating fascinating dynamic movement and optical illusions. This is one of the main reasons why geometric wall décor played a significant role in early 1970s interior design. These psychedelic constructions with their intense colourings often resulted in optical trickery and reflected the then current concept of “mind expansion”. Today, these optical illusions add a certain je ne sais quoi to any room.


The Language
of Shapes

Rectangles, squares, diamond shapes, circles, spheres, and cubes are combined in their countless variations to form 3D wall images. Familiar elements which can be found in every-day objects and nature are arranged in new and surprising ways and awaken the senses. Geometric pattern wallpapers are timeless classics as Op Art Design is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for modern designers. Open up your room and a door to another world with our extraordinary wall coverings with geometric patterns.



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