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When it comes to Baroque wall-coverings, it’s all about dazzling patterns and powerful motives. “No half measures” - that is the motto for our exclusive designer wallpapers which provide seductive glamour to any room. The stylistic epoch of “Baroque” (1575-1770) beautifully reflected power, wealth, and splendour in its art and architecture. This is emulated in our Baroque wallpapers which provide the perfect backdrop for splendid sophistication and opulence in interior design.



Baroque wall coverings are amongst the classics in the world of wallpapers. These timeless designs are perfect means of expression for a specific joie de vivre. They work just as well in hypermodern surroundings as in interiors based on historically authentic elements. In combination with plain-coloured wallpapers, Baroque statement walls lend interest to a room and immediately grab the attention. The retro style provides an element of surprise, creating a perfect composite of antique art and trendy lifestyle.


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Our Baroque wallpaper collections comprise a vast variety of patterns. The immense attention to detail lets you discover gorgeous tendrils, blossoms, crowns and an unending number of other elements of the Baroque style in their intricate and opulent motives. These wall adornments invite you to daydream, to build castles in the sky, and to lose yourself in intense colours and patterns. Our Baroque wall coverings boast powerful patterns, silky surfaces, complementary as well as contrasting colour combinations, and 3D-effects.