Metallic wallpaper


The French Sun King would have been delighted by our Metallic Wallpapers, representing as they do The Ultimate in opulent wall décor. These luxury wallpapers consist of thinly rolled Metallic foils, skilfully laminated to the backing material. Colour glazes create gold, bronze, copper or steel effects which allow for a perfect interplay with the light. Oxidation or etching techniques result in striking random patterns. Extravagant designs are created by various eye-catching printed motives and intricate embossing. Let yourself be seduced by top-quality craftsmanship combined with breath-taking designs.


Shine and

Metallic Wallpapers equip any room with a sense of exclusivity and allow for a large variety of design possibilities. The use of style elements from various eras of art history in our Metallic Wallpaper range creates beautiful contrasts, tailor-made for extravagant interior design. The association with precious metals like silver, gold or bronze is a reminder of the sophistication and value of this collection. Depending on the angle of light, different parts of the metallic wallcoverings are illuminated, giving constantly changing life to your walls. Luxurious and yet hyper-modern – a style well-loved by Hollywood celebs.



Our Wallpapers from the “Metal” Collection lend themselves to interior design concepts that aim to attract they beholder’s gaze. The high quality of our Metallic Wallpapers, achieved by unique craftsmanship, is obvious. Iridescent colours in any nuance imaginable, matte or high-shine effects, and a multitude of modern designs enable you to realise your own personal décor ideas and provide ample room for your imagination. Adorn your walls instead of simply applying wallpaper to them. Our luxury metallic wall decor enables you to create a fantastic living space with its own unique sparkle.