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Vinyl wall treatments are a true classic in the world of wallpapers. Like Marmite, you either like them or you hate them! Their practical day-to-day advantages are obvious: they are washable, light-resistant, and extremely durable, which makes them the ideal candidate for frequently used rooms. Vinyl wall décor consists of a backing layer, paper or fibre, and a plastic upper coating (PVC, PU). We offer a large assortment of Vinyl wallpapers, for instance structured vinyl, or vinyl with smooth or embossed surfaces. Their gorgeous exclusive designs and 3D effects will captivate you.



Relief structures, three dimensions – vinyl wallpaper is not just pleasing to the eye, but also incredibly tactile and sensuous to the touch. Silky, shiny surfaces provide these wall treatments with stunning elegance - and you with a sheer endless array of possible uses in terms of interior design! Strong and bright colours, innovative patterns and designs, and breath-taking attention to detail guarantee that our new vinyl range is an instant classic, perfectly suited for wet rooms and frequently used areas. Our vinyl collections meet the highest demands of classic as well as modern tastes.


The Stuff that
Dreams are
made off

Vinyl is the stuff that wall art dreams are made off. These wall treatments are almost indestructible and incredibly robust. The fact that they can simply be wiped down is an absolute bonus. This true star amongst wallpapers attracts the eye with three-dimensional structures and creates the temptation to touch it again and again, to explore it with one’s fingers. Exquisite shine and lustre characterises our smooth vinyl wallpapers, whilst the patterned models provides a charming retro feel. Opulent or subtle, edgy or romantic: Vinyl works in any environment.



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