Purple wallpaper


Purple – a colour brimming with sophistication and luxury, a colour that exudes magic and enchantment, with a smidgeon of decadence and hedonism thrown in for good measure. Not for timid spirits, in other words. When it comes to interior design, purple wall-coverings require some skill and intuition, as their effect can be very emotional and mysterious, especially when combined with patterns and structures. As a result, wall décor in purple is the perfect style element if your goal is to create a magical world of wonder in your home. Magnetic and mesmerising, versatile and gorgeous – our purple wallpaper range will bewitch and enthral you.



As every child will be able to tell you, purple is a combination of blue and red – but the possibilities in terms of shades and hues are endless: violet and lilac lend cool elegance to a room and create a romantic ambience, whilst the darker tones exude an almost magical power of attraction. Purple is perfectly suited to be combined with gold and silver, and patterns designed in this manner fill a room with enchantment and grandeur. Floral wall-coverings in purple and white provide a regal atmosphere, complementing a more traditional interior design style, and modern purist or minimal surroundings benefit from the extravagant touch of purple wallpapers.


The Spirit
of Life

The colour purple is often associated with spirituality, as it represents different levels of existence: the here and now as well as a threshold to another hidden world. This juxtaposition is also reflected in purple wallpapers, as it has a unique effect on both room and beholder. Purple is said to enhance decisiveness and restore the emotional equilibrium. Purple wall décor comes in many forms: effect wallpapers, patterned wallpapers, geometric or graphic wallpaper, or baroque and floral motifs – they all provide a little bit of magic and mystery when it comes to designing your environment. But there is no mystery in where you can find them: right here!