Orange wallpaper

Pure Joie
de Vivre

Orange was THE colour of the Flower Power generation: a new sense of freedom, enjoying life, throwing conventions over-board. Fresh, liberated, cheerful and with a great lust for life: orange wallpapers still represent these characteristics to this day, exuding excitement and good vibes. Party power, delicious dolce far niente, cool chilling and carefree conviviality are all part and parcel of orange wall décor. Choose wallpaper in orange, and your walls will come to life. Orange also represents the Mediterranean lifestyle, e.g. as stripe or structure wallpaper in warm hues. Fill your home with energy, impulsiveness, or warmth – the decision is yours!


Pop and Pep

Retro wallpapers in orange are an integral part of modern interior design. No other colour expresses a joyful lust for life quite so perfectly. Geometric and graphic wallpapers lend movement to a room, abstract patterns and motifs add colour and excitement. But orange can provide very different effects, too, for instance when it comes in more subtle hues like apricot or salmon. Three-dimensional effects with a delicate silver finish represent modern elegance. Wall-coverings in orange create the light-hearted mood of a Caribbean night dancing on the beach, of sunny days far away from stresses and strains. Discover the diversity of orange design wallpapers!


and Energy

The colour orange is known to have a positive impact on one’s appetite, which is why it is perfectly suited for kitchens, where it facilitates easy and relaxed family get-togethers over a good meal. When used in offices or studies, orange wall décor has an inspiring and reviving effect and sets the scene for ideas and inspirations. And your bathroom becomes an oasis of calm which creates well-being. Élan and a fresh youthfulness, creative impulses and relaxation – orange-coloured wallpapers introduce light and energy into any living or working space. And last but not least, it can be used to achieve that sought-after 70s effect! Find it all in our new range in the online shop.



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