Luxury wallpaper

Savoir Vivre

Luxury - sumptuous, exuberant, glossy, and classy – but that is just one side of the coin. Luxury is not just represented by glamour and opulence; it is also reflected in subtle details, in lasting value, in gorgeous materials – just like ourLuxury wallpaper range. These wall treatments complement any type of interior design and leave a lasting impression. Discover stylish textile wallpaper, tactile and beautiful; eye-popping leather wall décor for contemporary ambiences; natural wallpapers which induce a sense of well-being; or funky metal wallpapers with their movement-creating reflections.


Pure Indulgence

Every human being defines and experiences the concept of luxury in a different manner. For some, it might be thevisual impression created by the air of antique and lustrous opulence, and elegant colours like crimson, gold,or silver; others will be more interested in exceptional design, or on the look-out for high-quality materials which provide a luxury wallcovering with its uniquely appealing character. But one thing will be shared by all: a sense of sheer indulgence and sensuality, a life style based on high values and demands. Discover and enjoy our luxurious innovative wall décor.


No Lack
of Lustre

We cordially invite you to indulge in sheerluxury. Check out our fantastic new wallpapers in innovative designs and patterns, with tactile structures, made from extraordinary materials, in eye-catching colours. Luxury wall coverings invite beholders to let their fingers run over their fascinating surfaces, enjoy them more with each passing day, and turn an unexceptional room into an unforgettably magical place. We know that every single person has their own idea of what luxury is and how it should feel, which is why our extensive range of luxury wallpaper covers all tastes.