Hallway wallpaper

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The hallway is the soul of the house, the place where visitors are welcomed and get a first impression of your home, and where you cast off the worries of the day. Hallway wallpaper serves a variety of functions: It creates space and determines an expectation for the rest of the house. Whether they are plain coloured or boast colourful motifs - one thing they should never be is boring. Striped wallpapers creating optical illusions, flowery dreams in pastel colours or with a touch of nature, structural or luxury styles reflecting your personality - our shop provides you with a huge choice.


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In large parts of Asia, the entrance to a building is considered to be of great importance. The hallway marks the harmonious transition from the outside to the interior. Visitors derive a lot of information about you from the first area they enter, and as such, the hallway is like a personal calling card. Stylish, arty, or fresh and clear as the morning – you are bound to find your own personal favourite in our online wallpaper shop. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting this important part of your home; adorn it with our trendy patterned, plain-coloured, luxury, or natural wallpapers.


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The face of your home, the soul of the house: The hall is a reflection of your personality, even if the reaction happens on a subconscious level. A cramped, chaotic or tiny hallway mars one’s joie de vivre and well-being; a lovelessly decorated hall reflects badly upon the owner. Hallway wallpapers beautify, they induce a feeling of “coming home”, they show off your creativity. Patterned or structural wallpapers made from high-quality, hard-wearing materials and in glorious colours add value to this often underestimated room. Our stunning designer range provides you with the tools.