Green wallpaper

and Free

Lush meadow green, pastelly pistachio green, cool moss green – each of these colours evokes associations with freshness and well-being. Green wallpapers are a source of inspiration, they create harmony, they manage to both invigorate and relax the mind. Our fabulous wall-coverings in green reflect Mother Nature’s beauty. Many modern interior design styles can be complemented with an injection of fresh and fruity green wallpaper, but they can also invoke a sense of nostalgia, as they were hugely en vogue during the Seventies. Come and find your fave - patterned or plain, with or without motifs, in 3D or 2D.



The colour green is known to have a calming and soothing effect on body and mind alike. What could be better than coming home, after a stressful day, to a green oasis, and just chill? In bedrooms, hallways, or kitchens: you’ll forget all about the stresses of the day when you’re surrounded by green walls. Your office or study becomes a source of inspiration, your thoughts simply flow, and nothing can distract you. Follow a relaxed path of interior design, and choose green wallpapers - with patterns or in plain hues, structured and tactile, made from gorgeous natural materials – all from the great range in our online shop.


with Envy

Visitors will be green with envy when they come to your home, bedecked in glorious shades of vert. This is the colour that awakens the spirit, gives you a new lease of life, fills you with joie de vivre, allows you to tap into your creative potential. As human beings, we are most active when we’re surrounded by our natural habitat, where nothing constricts us, where we feel liberated and unburdened. Introduce that feeling of space and freedom into your home with glorious green wallpaper – structured, patterned, or as a beautiful photo mural. Let us present you with the amazing new green range – refreshingly different!



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