Design wallpaper


Design wallpapers are an extremely varied bunch and cannot simply be lumped together or defined uniformly. They are always a part of the designers themselves who put a great deal of thought and effort into the creative process and aim to express a specific theme or topic. New geometric or graphic patterns, a melange of various eras and art movements, or a completely free-styling interpretation of emotions and ideas are all reflected in our international Design Wallpapers. Materials, colours, structures, surfaces – the possibilities are endless and extremely exciting. But come and see for yourself!


A Matter
of Taste

Designer wall-coverings satisfy a large array of individual tastes and preferences, and the aim is for beholders to find themselves in them. They can cover anything from fairly outlandish and eccentric designs to baroque or flower powermotifs, geometry or minimalism, quixotic creations on beautifully delicate materials or hyper-realistic photo murals. Design wall décor made from leather, textiles, metal or foil materials with eye-catching contemporary or classic patterns – our designers’ imagination knows no bounds. Let us take you on a breath-taking journey!


Signs of
the Times

Timeless design – is there such a thing? Our designer wallpapers are signs of the times and trendsetters in their own right. Classic patterns and concepts are given a new lease of life; familiar structures are changed and adapted to the here and now – in short: our handpicked group of innovative designers will delight you with their ideas – applied directly to paper- or cellulose-backed wallpapers. They experiment with materials and patterns, creating a dynamic that provides new dimensions in any ambience!Check out our shop and fall in love withthis fantasticcontemporary designer range!