Bedroom wallpaper

Private Lives

“Show me where you sleep and I tell you who you are. “ The bedroom is our most intimate sphere, a place of peace and quiet, of relaxation, of collecting thoughts and gathering strength. This is where we enjoy total privacy, and where our own personality comes to the fore. Even our innermost needs and desires are reflected by this brand-new range of gorgeous wall coverings in all their facets: romantic and playful, luxurious and lavish, purist and structured, in princess-pink, sensual black, futuristic silver or royal blue. You’re sure to find what you need in our fabulous new designer range.


Land of

A warm, comfy bed, reflections on the day – clothes are shed along with worries, the mind is at rest. Our bedroom wallpapers will help you drift off to the land of nod, inducing sweet dreams. The bedroom is the place where your most private, individual self can be reflected – and that includes your choice of wall décor. Delicate or elegant patterned wallpapers, luxury designs with tactile surfaces and iridescent light reflections, three-dimensional wall coverings that create movement, or warming natural styles – we will make your bedroom dreams come true. Discover the new bedroom wallpaper range in our shop.


The Arms of

Close the doors behind you, leave the world behind, and let our stunning bedroom wallpapers take you to the land of dreams. The bedroom is where we enjoy the end of the day, take comfort in the warmth of our beds, reflect on the events of the day and let our bodies relax. It requires a wall décor that will inspire dreams and lift the stresses of the day. It might be romantic, imaginative or visionary - cosiness and well-being come in many forms. Patterned wallpaper to indulge the senses, baroque wallpaper for opulent elegance, playful shabby chic or calming ZEN worlds - the choice is yours!



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