Bathroom wallpaper

Water, water

“Right now I am just delighted to be alive and to have had a nice, long bath.” (Richard Branson). The times of bathrooms tiled to the ceiling are well and truly over – as is the boring old “avocado” colour scheme! Retro rules, but there are plenty of other ways to add arty sophistication to your bathroom. A stunning Op-Art wallpaper or an eye-catching Pop-Art motif will instantly make bath time fun time! Mediterranean designs awaken a longing for sea and sun, flowery or urban stone patterns create an elegant wellness oasis – we present our bathroom wallpaper range with wow factor!


Dive in!

Luxurious bathrooms with a cunning mix of edgy granite tiles and opulent baroque wallpaper in lush colours or gold lustre; surfaces as velvety as a bubble bath, and truly refreshing motifs. Our new bathroom range provides plenty of room for the imagination! Just picture yourself, leaning back in the calming water and losing yourself in the gorgeous motifs, letting your imagination take you on a journey. Subtle or strong colours evoke a sense of calm or invigoration. Our vinyl or flock wallpaper collection will make you feel like you are in a top-rated boutique hotel - every day!



Bobby Darin’s famous song from the fabulous Fifties conjures up images of fresh, clean bathrooms adorned with exclusive, cheeky, fresh, humorous, flowery or romantic wallpapers. Turn this vision into reality! Indulge in the power of colours, be charmed by the candy-floss sweetness of old Doris Day movies, or re-enact your own personal “sit-in” with geometric flower-power designs. Luxurious ambience or natural well-being – our durable bathroom wallpaper range lends a sense of uniqueness and individuality to your wet-room. Our innovative ideas will satisfy your every need.



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